LAMM AT LARGE: NBA MVP race is on!

LAMM AT LARGE: NBA MVP race is on!

By: David Lamm

With the NBA All-Star weekend behind us, teams are now preparing for the stretch run. The biggest unknown is which teams will qualify for the lower playoff spots. The top half of the playoff draw is pretty much a given.

Much of the focus down the stretch will be who wins the MVP award. With LeBron James out of the picture – he’s having a very good year, but not by LeBron standards – the top three leading candidates are:

  • The Rockets’ James Harden, the scoring machine.
  • The Bucks’ The Greek Freak, the most versatile and dynamic player in the NBA.
  • The Thunder’s Paul George, the best two-way player.

There will be arguments (and good ones) made for several other players.

  • The Thunder’s Russell Westbrook, the triple-double machine.
  • The Raptors’ Kawhi Leonard, incredible at both ends.
  • The Warriors’ Steph Curry or Kevin Durant, take your pick.