LAMM AT LARGE: Justin Fields eligibility should upset Georgia fans

LAMM AT LARGE: Justin Fields eligibility should upset Georgia fans

By: David Lamm

Justin Fields transferring to Ohio State should have people fired up, particularly people at the University of Georgia. It isn’t because he’s transferring. It’s because of why the NCAA cleared him to play next season for the Buckeyes.

Fields said he feared for his well-being at UGA.

Yes, a drunk student yelled a racial slur at Fields during a game in Athens last year. The student was wrong and was punished. But to use that one incident as the reason Fields doesn’t have to sit out a year, as most transfers do, is political correctness run amuck.

Are we that afraid of someone playing the race card?

UGA has thousands of black students, many who excel academically and athletically. It’s been that way for years. To now state that black man should fear for his well-being is an insult to the entire Bulldog Nation and any reasonable thinking person.

I was caught by surprise Monday when I read some named William Byron won the pole for Sunday’s Daytona 500. It wasn’t just that Byron won the pole, it’s that pole qualifying had been run the day before.
“Damn,” I said to myself, “that means the Daytona 500 is this Sunday.”

That illustrates how far off my radar NASCAR has fallen.

Understand, I was bred on stock car racing. That was true of almost anyone reared in North Carolina when I was. North Carolina is the home of stock car racing. Almost every town had a race track, mostly half-mile dirt tracks.

Led by the Petty clan, my sports heroes were Tar Heel basketball players, baseball players and stock car drivers.

As an adult, I covered NASCAR from coast-to-coast and loved it. I spent 25 years covering Daytona.
But NASCAR changed too much for me. Team racing, too much technology and corporations replacing mom-and-pop fans.