LAMM AT LARGE: Who will have the greatest impact on Super Bowl LII?

LAMM AT LARGE: Who will have the greatest impact on Super Bowl LII?

By: David Lamm

Who on the field Sunday will have the greatest impact on Super Bowl LIII?

Will it be John Parry or Jeff Bergman? What about Steve Zimmer or Terrence Miles? It could be Fred Bryan or Edgar Camp or Eugene Hall?

Don’t recognize those names? Wondering how Tom Brady, Aaron Donald, Sony Michele and Todd Gurley will figure in? Of course they’ll all be major factors.

But when it gets to crunch time, those first seven guys likely will decide the outcome. They’re the on-field game officials, or the zebras as I like the call them.

Who among them will make the awful call or choke and keep his flag in his pocket?

Who will call a personal foul on a Rams pass-rusher for “almost” hitting Brady? Or a phantom hold in the interior line to negate a touchdown?

Sorry NFL, but that’s how I see your league now.

You probably know I’m a golf nut who’s had the good fortune to cover the biggest tournaments from coast to coast and work with the greatest players of the last 40 years.

But I still get chill bumps walking through the World Golf of Fame, something I did this week while visiting with the Hall’s newest class. It isn’t a class with a lot glitz, but it is a class worthy of this recognition.

The most interesting new Hall of Famer is Jan Stephenson, whose heyday as a player was 1976-87. That’s right, she was a star on the course with 16 LPGA victories including three majors.

But most sports fans saw her a cover-girl, a sexpot, not a top golfer.

Stephenson’s good looks and sexuality were promoted by the LPGA. It was trying desperately to rid its image as “dikes on spikes”.

Stephenson led that charge while shining on the course. She earned her Hall of Fame status.