LAMM AT LARGE: Super Bowl week is here

LAMM AT LARGE: Super Bowl week is here

By: David Lamm

By Sunday night, if not before, you’ll know more about the Patriots and the Rams than you probably wanted to know. For many of us, the Super Bowl kickoff will be a relief from the massive wave of media coverage we’ll get.

You’ll probably know Tom Brady’s favorite Christmas toy as a child, his favorite cereal, what color he likes best and that raggy-looking sweater he refuses to throw away. Yes, there’ll be stories about his rich model wife.

You’ll know the kind of underwear Gronk wears, Aaron Donald’s shoe size, Julian Edelman’s favorite thing to cook, Todd Gurley’s girlfriend from the 7th grade, Sean McVay’s favorite snack food, Jared Goff’s favorite movie . . . you see where I’m going.

You’ll even learn about the offensive linemen and be reminded of a lot former Super Bowls.

I doubt, however, you learn anything about Bill Belichick. He’s not much of a talker, and when he does mumbles. Can you understand anything he says? Not me.

Nothing in America – not presidential elections, not major storms — nothing gets the media coverage of the Super Bowl.

It’s on nearly every TV network . . . Food, Discovery, History, Comedy, the alphabet networks (CBS, etc.) . . . ah, you name, the Super Bowl is there.

Yeah, it’s overkill. But while we get sick of it, we somehow can’t get enough of it.