Quarterback Will Grier would welcome chance to play for Jaguars

Quarterback Will Grier would welcome chance to play for Jaguars

Former Florida Gator and West Virginia Mountaineer quarterback Will Grier is one of many high-profile prospects at the Senior Bowl this week. Grier joined “XL Primetime” to talk about a variety of topics beginning with what the process is like in Mobile, Alabama this week.

“You’re talking to a lot of teams and you’re getting asked a lot of the same questions,” Grier told 1010XL. “You’re talking to general managers and scouts, a lot of different guys, and it’s really important to just be honest and be yourself around these guys.

“They want to get a feel for who you are. They will ask you about some ‘x’s’ and ‘o’s’ and they will also ask you about some stuff in your past. A lot of it is the way interact with them and they way you carry yourself in these meetings.”

Grier was asked about playing in numerous offenses during his college career and how that may benefit, or hurt him, in the NFL.

“I had the opportunity to play for three really good staffs, two at Florida and one at West Virginia,” Grier said. “A lot of the stuff I was doing at Florida was run heavy and a lot of it was under center. It was a couple different pro-style offenses, so I have a pretty good background there.

“Then when I went to West Virginia, they spread things out and were pass-oriented which is super cool and the league is kind of going that ways.

“I have a background in both and I just know a lot of football. I’ve learned a lot of football. I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of great football minds and I think they like the fact that I’m kind of diverse in that way.”

Grier says with all he has been through during his college career, both on and off the field, nothing is going to shake him.

“Through the up’s-and-downs of my career, I’ve always come out on top,” Grier said. “I’ve surrounded myself with good people and I care deeply about this game and I respect this game.

“I have a lot of respect for the work that you have to put in and nobody out works me. I pour my heart and soul into every team and organization that I’ve ever been a part of and that is the kind of stuff that NFL teams value.”

Grier was asked if he would welcome the opportunity to play in Jacksonville.

“Jacksonville is very close to Gainesville and I’m very familiar with the area,” Grier said. “I’d be honored to play in a place like Jacksonville. Any organization that gives me a chance is getting a really good quarterback that will do whatever it takes to win football games.”

Finally, Grier was asked if he still follows the Florida program and if he likes what he sees from Gator head coach Dan Mullen.

“I think Dan Mullen is doing a great job and that is an unbelievable program,” Grier said. “After being a part of it for a few years, I mean it’s an honor to wear those colors and play for that university. I think it’s an awesome school and an awesome place. I wish them the best.”

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