LAMM AT LARGE: Patriots continue to make history

LAMM AT LARGE: Patriots continue to make history

By: David Lamm

By just making it to eight straight AFC title games, the Patriots added to one of the greatest team runs in American sports. Now it’s on to three straight Super Bowls, another impressive run.

That got me thinking of other great runs. I’m sure I’m leaving some out, but the ones that jump out to me are:

  • The Braves winning 14 straight NL East titles.
  • LeBron James being on eight straight NBA Finals teams.
  • The Yankees winning seven World Series in a span of 10 years, 1949—58.
  • The Michael Jordan Bulls winning six NBA titles in eight years. (Six straight with Jordan on roster.)
  • The Celtics’ dominance in in late 1950s and most of the ’60s with Bill Russell and Bob Cousy.
  • The Bills making it to four straight Super Bowls.

It’s difficult to pick a winner because the consistency of those teams is mind-boggling. I guess it comes down to which one is the most unlikely to ever happen again?

Team sports are designed to create parity, none more so than the NFL. Free agency makes it difficult in team sports to keep rosters intact. Add in the salary cap and, of course, the draft.

Think about the draft in all leagues. You’re rewarded for mediocrity, punished for success.

Individual sports have their issues, too. Mainly, it’s the continued competition and the fact one slip-up means 2nd place or lower.

Therefore, the greatest run in sports history belongs to a golfer. You could argue Bryon Nelson winning 11 straight tournaments belongs at the top.

But, for me, nothing tops Tiger Woods holding all four major trophies at the same time.

Most accomplishments on my list will never happen again – unless the Patriots get to the Super Bowl next year.