LAMM AT LARGE: Picking the winners of conference championship Sunday

LAMM AT LARGE: Picking the winners of conference championship Sunday

By: David Lamm

Father Time is undefeated. I don’t disagree with that ancient cliché.

But I will tell you Tom Brady and Drew Brees aren’t going down against the Old Man without a helluva fight.

At an age when athletes are usually well into their retirement, Brady, 41, and Brees, 40, are playing about as well as ever, having quarterbacked their teams into NFL conference championship games. They validate their Hall of Famer careers even more every time they step on the field.

They’re also standing in the way of young QBs taking over the game. Each face that challenge in the NFL title games this weekend.

Brady and the Patriots take on the No. 1 challenger among the new wave, Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes. Brees and the Saints face the Rams and their bright young QB, Jared Goff.

If Brady and Brees win, Father Time will need a few more stitches.

If Mahomes and Goff win, Father Time will have another victory and the new Wave will have arrived.

If they split . . . the fight goes on.

Most fans, of course, will have their attention focused on the bigger issue: who wins the games?

Not even the most knowledgeable insiders can have a good feel about that. Teams that get this far are loaded. You get anticipate any of them playing poorly.

These types of games are decided by fluke plays or bad calls or no-calls by the zebras.

It might be as simple as a missed block in the interior, a miss few eyes actually see in live action.

It might be a missed tackle . . . a player slips on the turf.

It might be a great one-handed catch. It might be which team benefits from a tipped ball . . . a long punt return.

It might be a 60-yard field goal. It might be a 40-yarder that clanks off the upright . . . a blocked kick.

It might be a 4th-down gamble that works – or fails. It might be a coach blowing a timeout in the 3rd quarter . . . great time management in the final minutes.

It might be the official blowing a fumble a dead ball too early. Ouch!

Let’s just hopes the games are exciting.