Terrell Buckley discusses Hall of Fame induction, Jalen Ramsey

Terrell Buckley discusses Hall of Fame induction, Jalen Ramsey

Former Florida State Seminole Terrell Buckley is one of the newest members of the College Football Hall of Fame. Buckley starred at FSU from 1989-1991 and joins the 2019 College Football Hall of Fame class.

Buckley joined “XL Primetime” on 1010XL to discuss the honor.

“It was very surreal,” Buckley told 1010XL about the induction. “I had this letter here sitting for about a week, I finally opened it and I see this seal and I thought, ‘no this can’t be real.’ After about five minutes, I finally calmed down and read the letter and it was very exciting.”

Buckley says former Florida State defensive back Deion Sanders played a big role in getting him to where he is today.

“He was very influential,” Buckley said. “We texted each other after the news and like I told him, I appreciate him for setting a standard that if you came close to that, you were going to be very successful.

“Not just what he did on the field, but what he did off the field. The way he conducted himself, the work ethic, the film study and the business component. All of those things that he set and that he is still doing, I just really thank him for that.”

Buckley was asked about the struggles at Florida State this past season under Willie Taggart, but Buckley, who is the defensive backs coach at Mississippi State, focused more on his successes than the Seminoles failures in 2018.

“I just saw the end result,” Buckley said. “I was too busy being part of the number one defense and the number one pass defense in the SEC so I really didn’t get a chance to see them a lot. I saw the record and obviously, that was disappointing, and they didn’t make a bowl game and that’s really all I can say. I was up here working and doing my thing at Mississippi State.”

Buckley did mention the great memories he has from his days in Tallahassee.

“I think about all the great teammates that I had, like LeRoy Butler,” Buckley said. “You think about the great coaches like Coach (Bobby) Bowden, who I think is a better human being than a coach, which is saying a lot. Then you think about Mickey Andrews, the greatest assistant coach I think that has ever coached. There are a lot of things and it’s hard for me to pick out just one.”

Finally, Buckley was asked about fellow Florida State alum and current Jaguar defensive back Jalen Ramsey. Not only Jalen’s play on the field, but his trash talking off the field.

“We don’t call it running your mouth, we call it speaking the truth,” Buckley said. “What Jalen is doing is just telling you how he feels. If the quarterback or the wide receiver doesn’t like what he’s saying, then here’s your opportunity, you know where he is. You have to have so much respect for a guy like that. He’s telling you, here I am, let’s go one-on-one and let’s get it done.

“I think he is one of the top corners in the NFL and outside of playing ball, he is a great young man. He loves his family, he loves his community and he is going to do some great things, and I think he is doing some pretty nice things in Jacksonville.”

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