LAMM AT LARGE: Will Jaguars consider Kerwin Bell as offensive coordinator?

LAMM AT LARGE: Will Jaguars consider Kerwin Bell as offensive coordinator?

By: David Lamm

I’m going to throw something against the wall and see if it sticks. I don’t have high expectations, but what the hell? I do sincerely think it’s a good idea.

The Jaguars should hire Kerwin Bell as their new offensive coordinator. At least interview the guy.

To be transparent, Kerwin is my all-time favorite Gator player and a friend. He also owns an offensive track record few others can match. He’s succeeded as a coach at every level with his teams putting up outstanding numbers in high school, college (JU and currently Valdosta State) and pro, where he helped coordinate the CFL Toronto Argonauts’ offense while still playing.

He did play professionally for 14 years, six in the NFL, seven in the CFL and one in the WFL. He was a CFL all-star and in his only NFL appearance went 5-for-5 for 75 yards and a touchdown. His career NFL QB rating is 158.3, an NFL record. (That’s a great trivia question.)

Okay, he’s 54 but he has plenty of energy and he knows offensive football. Give the guy a chance.

Now, let me try and to catch up with all the news from last weekend:

• I really was not all that surprised by Mark Richt’s retirement. Clearly he was frustrated with the way the Miami program was going. He seemed tired and lacked the energy to devote the necessary time to keep the Hurricanes relevant. He had a wonderful career. Enjoy retirement.

• I would have swept the Jaguars leadership team out, but I’m actually glad Coach Doug Marrone and VP of Football Tom Coughlin are returning. Why keep GM David Caldwell? If he’s a glorified office boy okay, but if he’s truly making personnel decisions, he should be gone.

• Feleipe Franks played well in Florida’s rout of Michigan in the Peach Bowl, but he remains a flawed QB. Gators should hope he’s not your QB of the future.

• I don’t want to believe it, but I guess there are no teams who can compete with Alabama and Clemson in college football.

• Why do the Eagles continue to insist Carson Wentz is their quarterback when Nick Foles continues to stack up wins and big numbers? Eagles might not have made the playoffs if not for Foles.