LAMM AT LARGE: With season over, we can all move on

LAMM AT LARGE: With season over, we can all move on

By: David Lamm

It was a perfect ending to the Jaguars season.

Their 20-3 loss at Houston revealed a blueprint of what the Jaguars are: The defense was solid overall, but with a tendency of giving up big plays; the offense was (pick one or more adjectives) horrible, awful, inept, sucked, embarrassing, miserable, incompetent and bad). Special teams? Okay-minus.

On a personal level, owner Shad Khan proved he’s a patient man by announcing before the game the leadership team will return intact. No telling how many baloney sandwiches Coach Doug Marrone had when he got home to celebrate.

I called for the firing of the entire bunch – Tom Coughlin, David Caldwell and Marrone. To go from Super Bowl talk and a 3-1 start to 5-11 and an offensive laughingstock shouldn’t be tolerated.

I know two years is a quick hook, but in this day and age things change quickly. The saw the same mistakes by the players in both years and was convinced the players weren’t hearing Marrone’s message.

There have been too many personnel gaffs, particularly extending QB Blake Bortles and not bringing in legitimate competition for the job, to give Coughlin and Caldwell passing grades.

I do think Coughlin and Marrone have the ability to turn this mess around. I remained puzzled exactly what Caldwell’s role is. If he’s a true GM, his 6-year track record is awful.

Maybe if Coughlin and Caldwell spoke publicly more often, we could get some answers.

Now begins one of the more interesting off-seasons in team history. There’ a lot of work to do. There are a lot of big-time decisions to make. There’s a lot of healing to do.

First, find a quarterback. I’m talking about a veteran who has had some success in the league. I know there are salary cap issues, but pay a QB what you have to and go from there.

Otherwise, the Jaguars remain here – and here’s a bad place.