Baldwin QB Gavin Screws looking forward to new challenge at Troy

Baldwin QB Gavin Screws looking forward to new challenge at Troy

Last week Baldwin quarterback Gavin Screws made it official and signed his letter of intent to attend Troy University. 1010XL recently sat down with Screws to talk about Troy and his high school career.

“It’s an amazing feeling and a bunch more emotions along with that,” Screws told 1010XL regarding signing with Troy. “My life is going to change now and my schedule is going to change. It’s going to be going to workouts every day and the grind is going to step up ten times more, both on the field and in the classroom. I’m just trying to prepare myself mentally for that because it’s a big deal.”

Most high school quarterbacks don’t get the opportunity to play college football. Screws was asked about that it feels like to know his football career will continue.

“Recently, I walked on the football field here and thought it was only a few years ago, I was thinking, ‘what if I don’t get any offers,’” he said. “What if it’s one of those dreams that will never come true. Then one day I got an offer and just to sit back and remember the feeling of watching other kids go and succeed in their dreams, it’s very humbling to me.

“I don’t know what I would do without this offer and the ability to go on and play football and I’m just blessed to be able to be here.”

Screws had been committed to Troy for over six months before signing his LOI. What about Troy that sold Screws?

“The very first time I stepped foot on the campus I knew it was home and I knew it was the place that I wanted to be at,” Screws said. “I personally believe their coaching staff is the best staff in the nation.

“We have built a great relationship with the entire coaching staff and they are just really trustworthy guys. They are straightforward and honest about every situation and they were that way through the whole process. That’s what made me fall in love with Troy.”

Finally, Screws was asked what he will remember most about his time at Baldwin High School.

“I’m going to remember everything about it,” Screws said. “It’s a small place, but it leaves a mark on you. All the people there are so friendly. You know everybody there and you’ve been friends with them since sixth-grade.

“That’s another really cool thing about it. Everyone there has been there since sixth-grade. You have grown up with all your friends for years and it’s just different, then a lot of other high schools.”

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