LAMM AT LARGE: Merry Christmas

LAMM AT LARGE: Merry Christmas

By: David Lamm

It’s the day before Christmas and all through the land . . . the decorations are beginning to look bland.

Should there be a ban about putting up the swag . . . before the turkey leftovers are in the garbage bag?

Why can’t we get through one holiday . . . before everyone has their Christmas say?

Wouldn’t that be a better way . . . to celebrate Christmas day?

Now is the time for joy . . . giving and celebrating Jesus’ birth is most prominent of my mind . . .

Isn’t that the best way to enjoy Christmas time?

I’m now in the mood for Christmas shopping . . . not when the beach-goers are still hopping.

I know the merchants feel to need to start early . . . and I’m sorry to act so surly.

I just wish we could longer wait . . . to enjoy such a joyous date.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays for one and all.