Westside WR Javon Gantt will be coached by a familiar face in college

Westside WR Javon Gantt will be coached by a familiar face in college

This past week was a special one for many kids all over Northeast Florida. Many signed letters of intent committing to further their football careers at the college level. One of them was Westside wide receiver Javon Gantt who is on his way to play for Jim McElwain and Central Michigan.

Gantt joined “XL Primetime” on 1010XL to discuss his Central Michigan decision.

“To be honest, it meant a lot,” Gantt told 1010XL in regards to receiving a scholarship to play football. “It’s a great feeling because coming from where I come from, only a few make it out, so I’m happy to be among that percentage that make it out.

“I know my mom is happy and my family is proud of me and I’m just happy for myself as an individual.”

Gantt (6-foot-2, 207 pounds) had been committed to Central Michigan for several months prior to his official signing on Wednesday. He thanks his head coach for getting him where he is.

“I believe Coach (Rodney) DuBose is one of the reasons why I’m where I’m at today,” Gantt said. “To be honest, I came in as a ninth-grader and I didn’t have any intentions to play high school football.

“He made me come out and I thank him for that because he got my offers in football. I really appreciate him for doing that for me.”

Gantt described the events that led him to sticking with his commitment after Central Michigan underwent a coaching change.

“After Coach (John) Bonamego left Central Michigan, my high school coach, Coach DuBose just told me to stay steady and watch how it plays out,” Gantt said. “I took another official up to Central Michigan and talked with Coach McElwain and everything was good.

“He wants to run the same offense that Coach Bonamego was running and he is more interactive than Coach Bonamego was. So, I was like, ‘I’m going to stick with this dude because he’s cool.’ That’s how it all went down.”

Gantt is confident when it comes to his ability on the football field.

“I’m a powerful and explosive wide receiver that will go get the ball,” Gantt said. “If you don’t have confidence in yourself than you have nothing, but I try not to be too cocky, because if you’re too cocky and somebody then shows you up, you find out you are not all that you thought you were.”

Gantt says he is happy the process is over with and now he can enjoy the rest of his time at Westside High School.

“I’ll be enrolling (at Central Michigan) in May,” Gantt said. “I wanted to enjoy the rest of my high school year and my classmates and everything, so I decided to enroll in May.”

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