LAMM AT LARGE: Jaguars and recruiting

LAMM AT LARGE: Jaguars and recruiting

By: David Lamm

Life in the NFL is tough. There’s a thin line between winning and losing. Going from first to last or the reverse in your division isn’t uncommon.

No team should understand that more than the Jaguars.

The darlings of the NFL last year, the Jaguars are back as bottom feeders. When they play at Miami on Sunday, they’ll be looking for only their 5th win in 15 games. How could this seemingly strong team go bad so quickly?

But, in reality, are the Jaguars so different than last year? QB Blake Bortles had his moments in 2017, but he was often an eyesore. They continue to have too many stupid personal fouls. The defense too often cracks late in games.

Sure, injuries hurt this season after an all but injury free season, but there were other factors. No team can count on its defense to score seven touchdowns and force so many turnovers.

Are the 2018 Jaguars really that different from the 2018 Jaguars? Even worse play at QB and far fewer game-changing plays turn the dream of the Super Bowl into a nightmare.

That’s the NFL.

A cheerful word of condolence to all of those college recruiters who whiffed on one of their major targets. Be patient. You may well get a second bite at the apple.

Since the turn of the century, schools often get that second chance because we live in an age of transfers. We focus most of our attention on quarterbacks, but every position is in play.

The last two Heisman winners – Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray – both attended other schools before going to Oklahoma. The 2010 Heisman winner –Cam Newton of Auburn – began his career at Florida.

I bring this up now because Justin Fields left a lot of disappointed recruiters in his wake when he signed with Georgia last year. Now, Fields is moving on. He will be recruited hard again by such schools as Florida State, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Auburn.

If Fields is anywhere as talented as the experts say, he could be leading your school to a title in the near future.

Who knows, he may win the Heisman Trophy.