LAMM AT LARGE: The NFL experience, but a little less

LAMM AT LARGE: The NFL experience, but a little less

By: David Lamm

By NFL standards, Sunday’s Jacksonville-Washington game has to be about as bad as it gets.

It isn’t just their combined record, 10-16 (Jaguars 4-9, Washington 6-7). It’s the way they’re playing now. The Jaguars have lost eight of their last nine game. Washington has lost four straight and five of six.

But there’s more. The Jaguars have already fired their offensive coordinator, Nathaniel Hackett, and benched their long-time starting QB, Blake Bortles. Its offensive line is a mess and the receiving group is worse. Their coach, Doug Marrone, is on the hottest of seats.

Washington is down to its 4th quarterback, Josh Johnson. He was out of the NFL the last three seasons, but the team was desperate for someone – ANYONE — when Mark Sanchez laid an egg after Alex Smith, then Colt McCoy, suffered broken legs. It does have Adrian Peterson, but he certainly isn’t what he once was.

What can the fans expect to see in the Jaguars final home game of the franchise’s most disappointing season?

Not much.

Oh, well, there is the NFL experience.

In a matter of an hour the other day, I asked two men about the NFL. Both said they quit watching the NFL because they weren’t going to support such spoiled, unpatriotic, rich thugs or something to that effect.

I know that isn’t scientific research, but it struck me there is a growing trend in America.
Why shouldn’t football players enjoy fame and riches the same as entertainers or the inventors of the pet rock and the hoopla hoop?

And labeling them as thugs is terribly unfair. The majority of athletes I’ve dealt with over the years are fine young men. But, yes, a few bad apples can spoil the bunch.

Still, there is a growing number of would-be fans who are fed up with the current way things are done.
How can this be altered? Maybe it can’t. Tons of community and charitable work by the players isn’t working.

For a start then, how about stopping all of the talk about money, about contracts and about “getting paid” and “I’ve gotta feed my family”?