LAMM AT LARGE: Doug Marrone needs to go

LAMM AT LARGE: Doug Marrone needs to go

BY: David Lamm

I never enjoy calling for a coach’s job. Obviously more for than the coach is involved. There’s his family and, of course, the assistants and their families.

It’s especially difficult when I don’t really believe the coach has done much wrong.

Still, Jaguars Coach Doug Marrone has to go. Today, tomorrow, at the end of the season. Whatever, he as to go.

Scream unfair. I’m with you.

But something has to be done because it’s clear these Jaguars players aren’t listening – they’re certainly not hearing – to Marrone’s message.

This was supposed to be a Super Bowl-or-bust season. Instead, it has turned into a 4-9 debacle, with a 7-game losing streak and losses in 8 of the last 9 games.

The personal foul penalties . . . the confusion on defense . . . the shoddy play such as missed tackles and dropped passes . . . sticking with QB Blake Bortles way too long. It’s too much of a trend to continue without a major shake-up.

Some players have to go. Some because of the salary cap; some for performance. I’ll leave which ones to the experts. But you can’t fire them all.

At the end of the day, you sadly have to change the voices they’re supposed to listen to and the people who selected them. That means VP of Football Tom Coughlin and GM David Caldwell ought to be on the same bus out of town as Marrone.

But first, there’s Doug Marrone. I like and respect his coaching. He simply needs to do it somewhere else.

Sad but true.