LAMM AT LARGE: Statistics lie when telling story of Chiefs

LAMM AT LARGE: Statistics lie when telling story of Chiefs

By: David Lamm

I never have put much stock in football team statistics, particularly in the NFL. I put less stock today than never.
Stats mean little if you don’t know the circumstances.

We heard how the Kansas City Chiefs were terrible defensively. Dead last in the NFL. Couldn’t stop the run. Couldn’t do a lot of things.

The Jaguars aren’t buying any of that today after absorbing a 30-14 loss Sunday in Kansas City. The Chiefs who played Sunday were ball-hawkers in the secondary and put on a relentless pass rush that had Blake Bortles scrambling all day for his well-being.

Sure, Bortles passed for 430 yards, a career high, but there were those 4 picks, 1 a pick-6, and 61 attempts.
The Jaguars top-rated defense actually did a decent job against the Chiefs’ top-rated offense, at least taking away the explosive plays and making them work for what they got. But they certainly didn’t shut them down.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs’ awful, terrible, they-can’t-stop-anybody defense looked nothing like what was advertised.
On the day, the Chiefs, looked very much like an AFC champion. The Jaguars did not, far from it.