LAMM AT LARGE: Remember the winning years?

LAMM AT LARGE: Remember the winning years?

By: David Lamm

The now and tomorrow:

It seemed like it was as normal as leaves falling in autumn that Florida’s Big 3 in college football were high in the national rankings. One, if not two (or all three), were in the thick of the national championship race annually.

Miami, FSU and Florida piled up national titles. It was expected.

Oh, how times have changed. They’re not even the Big 3 now. UCF may be the best team in the state.

There are lots of reasons for their decline, but never has their seasons looked so dismal.

Florida can’t beat Kentucky, even in the Swamp.

FSU needs to score late to edge Samford, in Doak. That’s right: SAMFORD, which was on the schedule as a cupcake.
Miami looks great as long as it’s playing Savannah State.

The Gators’ love affair with Dan Mullen and quarterback Feleipe Franks lasted as long as you could say Charlie South.
The Seminoles’ love affair with Willie Taggert is on life support.

The Hurricanes are lingering to the hope Mike Richt is the answer.

Oh, for the good old days.

It was only a few years that it was a big story when a college football player skipped his team’s bowl game so as not to risk injury and hurt his stock in the upcoming NFL draft.

Now, several players each year skip their bowl games and no one pays any attention. In fact, most people seem to think it’s a smart move.

Whatever happened to “take one for the team”?

Are we seeing something similar in the NFL with Steelers RB La’Veon Bell? Bell not reporting isn’t about money this season. He’s trying to save his body have more ammo for negotiating a better long-term deal NEXT YEAR.

Bell is being blasted by his own teammates for being selfish, but is this the start of another trend?

Say a low-round draft pick becomes an instant star as a rookie. He follows that with another strong season, all the while playing for a minimum-wage deal he signed as a rookie. Does he now sit out his third year to avoid a possible injury, waiting for a mega contract?

Could happen.