Lamm at Large: PGA Tour finally wakes up

Lamm at Large: PGA Tour finally wakes up


Two things I’m thinking:

What took the PGA Tour so long?

The Tour finally realized butting heads with the NFL was a triple-bogey and wisely changed its schedule to avoid having its “playoff season” all but ignored by most American sports fans.

The biggest question is why did it take the Tour suits 10 years to figure it out?

Starting next year, the Tour’s season ends before Labor Day with its Tour Championship. Ah, didn’t know the Tour had a Tour Championship when the year’s top 30 players played for $10 mil and a trophy the size of Rhode Island?

Around here, moving The Players from May back to March is a big deal too, but, by far, the biggest change is ending the season before that King Kong of sports, the NFL, takes control of practically every TV remote in the land.

No American sport can compete with the NFL. Historically, midseason NFL games have drawn far bigger TV audiences than World Series games – even in the cities represented in the World Series.

Now maybe more than a closetful of fans will see someone sink a $10-million putt.

As a lifelong baseball fan, I used to get so irritated each year when the All-Star Game rosters were announced. I knew some deserving players would be overlooked. Their spots would go to big-name players, regardless of whether or not they were having a good season.
This year, for example, Bryce Harper will take his .219 batting average to the game. Obliviously, there are many players more deserving.

But I’m not irritated. I’ve mellowed. The All-Star Game is a true exhibition now that home field advantage for the World Series is no longer the reward for the winning team. What a ridiculous idea that was.

Baseball needs people to watch and most casual fans know who Bryce Harper is. Does David Peralta fire you up?
I’ve done a 180. Put all of the best-known players in the game. I wish we could bring back Ken Griffey Jr. and Mickey Mantle for one night.