Kenny Logan eyeing SEC after high school career ends at Pedro Menendez

Kenny Logan eyeing SEC after high school career ends at Pedro Menendez

After receiving over 20 scholarship offers from around the country, select college programs are beginning to stand out for three-star athlete Kenny Logan from Pedro Menendez High School.

“At this point I’m looking at Ole Miss, Auburn, UCF, USF, Nebraska and Louisville,” Logan told 1010XL. “It’s such a blessing because as a kid I used to always think about going to college and being able to play on national TV.”

Receiving that much interest to play college football across the country is not something Logan takes for granted.

“I think about it all the time,” Logan said. “Every time I wake up, or start working out, I think how all the work I’ve put in in previous seasons is starting to pay off. It’s turned out to be great.”

Logan (6-foot-1, 183 pounds) enters his senior year at Pedro Menendez in St. Johns County considered as a top 50 athlete nationally in the 2019 class.

The term ‘athlete’ seems to describe Logan well.

“At my school they have used me at quarterback, running back, wide receiver, pretty much everywhere,” Logan said. “Some schools have recruited me for offense, but the main schools that I’m looking at want me to play defense.”

Does Logan have a preference as to what side of the ball he plays in college?

“I prefer to play defense,” he said.

So, what type of player is Logan?

“I’m just a wise football player that has a high IQ for the game,” he said. “I’m very versatile all over the field and I can get the job done.”

Menendez is coming off an 8-4 campaign in 2017 in which they won a first-round playoff game; Logan feels they can build off that success in 2018.

“This year I feel like we can make a run to the state playoffs,” he said. “We have a lot of guys coming back and a lot of new and upcoming guys that will get a chance and be able to show their abilities. We have a lot of new pieces that are going to be able to help this puzzle.”

When you talk about high school football in St. John’s County, Menendez is always one of the last programs mentioned. Does Logan feel his school gets overlooked?

“Yes, no doubt, but when we made that run to the playoffs people starting noticing that Menendez is putting in the work over there and they have something great happening.”

Kyle Skipper takes over as head coach for Pedro Menendez this season replacing Patrick Turner who compiled a 31-24 record during his five-year tenure as head coach. Turner, remains at Menendez as athletic director.

Logan is confident in his new head coach continuing the success Menendez enjoyed last season.

“Coach Skipper has always been around, he was our offensive coordinator,” Logan said. “So, with him, nothing really changes, we will just pick up where we left off.”

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