Gator Observations from the Bye Week

Oct 02, 2012 -- 11:18am


By: T. Miller

1. It is now more obvious than ever that his Gator team is infinitely better than last year’s team. Florida could very well have lost to the bye last year, and that’s essentially what they did when they lost to FSU despite holding the Noles to 95 yards of total offense.

2. LSU is not on the same level as Alabama. Elite teams are allowed to survive pathetic outings like the one at Auburn. They are not allowed to do whatever that was against Towson the very next week. Am I the only one who had never even heard ofTowson?

3. Not being on the same level as Alabama, by the transitive property (or something), means that LSU is much closer to being on the level of the Gators, who thus far are playing much better football than…

4. South Carolina. The longer Steve Spurrier stays at South Carolina, the more it seems like this program is just a post-retirement hobby of his.

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