No Way Around it, Jaguars are a Bad Team

Oct 01, 2012 -- 12:47pm


The only way the Jaguars could have won Sunday is if they’d played the USA Ryder Cup team. Forgive my limited vocabulary, but they both sucked.

Let’s cut to the chase about the Jaguars. They are a bad team. They lack playmakers. They lack explosive players. They lack talent.

In explaining their 1-3 start, including Sunday’s 27-10 home loss to Cincinnati, most Jaguar players and coaches went to the “lack of execution” card. They also talk about the “consistency” problems.

How many times must you fail to execute properly before logic tells you you’re not talented enough to execute? If I try to jump over a fence 100 times and never make it, isn’t it logical to deduce I’m not capable of jumping over the fence? Maurice Jones-Drew, Blaine Gabbert and Mike Mularkey all talked Sunday about how well the team executed in practice during the week. That’s because they were going up against themselves. Duh!

As for consistency, the Jaguars are actually among the most consistent offensive teams in the NFL. They are consistently bad.

Gabbert’s body of work in 18 career starts at quarterback has included few highlights. He continues to have problems with accuracy and making adjustments at the line of scrimmage. His receivers have difficulty getting open and seldom make difficult catches. His protection is shoddy. The Bengals’ defensive line literally overpowered the Jaguars offensive linemen.

The defense makes routine plays, but seldom makes game-changing plays.

The coaching staff is suspect. I’m not suggesting Mularkey be fired. But his resume isn’t filled with success stories. His two-year stint as Buffalo’s head coach was unsuccessful. He was on the verge of being fired as the Falcons’ offensive coordinator when the Jaguars hired him.

For the record, Josh Scobee is an excellent placekicker and rookie punter Bryan Anger has one helluva leg.

Sure, this is the NFL. Things can change quickly. But at this point the odds of that happening to the Jaguars are bleak indeed.

It comes down to something the Jaguars don’t have enough of. That’s talent.

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