Saying "No-chi" to Sochi

Feb 05, 2014 -- 10:16am

The Winter Olympics start this week. That’s great news for a lot of people; good news for even more people. The popularity of the Olympics is well established. The NBC Network has the numbers to prove it.

They key to the success of the Olympics is their appeal goes beyond the typical sports fan. In fact, it is the interest shown by the non-traditional sports fan that makes the Games so popular.

The Olympics are a combination of incredible athletic skills, inspiring human interest stories, spectacularly beautiful scenery, David vs. Goliath battles, and, of course, patriotism.

What’s not to love?

Olympic lovers, you’ll be sorry I asked.

In no particular order, the things I despise about the Olympics are:

  • The politics. I’m talking about the decisions on where the Games are played, which games are played, who selects the judges and how the judges make their decisions and even in areas like drug testing.
  • The hypocrisy of still calling it basically amateur sports. If many countries their Olympic athletes are their top professionals, handsomely paid and often the product of intense training since early childhood. Even in the USA, many of our so-called Olympic amateurs are well paid and provided with the best for training.
  • Contests decided by judges. Competition should be decided by score, time or distance, not someone’s opinion. Even honest judges are not acceptable in my world.
  • The fact that I can’t personally relate to many of the competitions.

If you enjoy the Games, I’m happy for you. But I won’t be watching. As I’ve joked many times before, my dislike for the Olympics is such that if events were being held simultaneously to my left and my right, I’d put my head in a vice so I couldn’t accidently catch a glance of either.

(Okay, maybe I’d loosen the vice just enough so I could sneak a peek at the women’s figure skating.) 

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