America Needs a Super Day Off

Feb 03, 2014 -- 9:51am

As I’ve written every year for decades, I’m once again calling for Super Bowl Monday – TODAY! -- to be declared a national holiday. And I’m not going to stop until the folks in Washington, D.C. come to their senses and do it.

I’m not trying to get the American work force another day off – although that would be okay. Let’s drop Memorial Day or Labor Day and replace it with Super Bowl Monday. Why not? So little gets done by the workforce anyway.

Research has shown the Monday after the Super Bowl is one of the most popular days for workers calling in sick. That same research shows the day ranks with the least productive days of the year. School attendance is way down, too.

Super Bowl Sunday has become America’s No. 1 party day -- yeah, a bigger party day than even New Year’s Eve. Basically, America stops everything else and gathers to watch the game and party.

If ever there was a day to rest, it’s the Monday after the Super Bowl.

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