Russell Wilson NOT an Elite QB

Jan 22, 2014 -- 10:13am

Allow me to share my thoughts about the Seahawks’ two best known players:

First, quarterback Russell Wilson:

I understand why the fans and media love Wilson and place him among the NFL’s elite quarterbacks. I just don’t happen to share their feelings.

I think Wilson is a slightly better than average NFL quarterback who seems to be a model citizen, says the right things, oozes humility and has a great back-story of overcoming the odds (too short at 5-11, 3rd-round draft pick, etc.). He also happens to play on one of the best teams in the NFL and, admittedly, is talented and smart enough not to mess it up.

I cringe every time I hear Wilson described as a franchise quarterback. While no one has ever provided the definitive meaning of “franchise quarterback”, I’ve always thought it meant a quarterback talented enough to be one of the major reasons why his team is a winner.

Wilson is a role player for the Seahawks, who win with defense, a running game and avoiding turnovers. He isn’t going to make an average team outstanding or a bad team average.

Second, cornerback Richard Sherman:

Chances are if you older than 30 you’ve already heard more from and about Sherman than you care to. I have bad news for you. You ain’t heard or seen nothing yet. During the next two weeks, leading up to Super Bowl 48 (XLVIII), the Seahawks’ cornerback will dominate coverage on the game.

Sherman loves the TV cameras and radio microphones and they love him. He’ll be screaming from your TV set and radio every day.

Before you waste your time telling everyone what a jerk Sherman is understand it is an act. It’s show biz, plain and simple. It’s the NFL version of pro wrestling.

Richard Sherman isn’t some wild man from the hood. He’s a Stanford educated young man and an outstanding football player. He should have a PhD in marketing. He has created a persona to attract attention to himself. No one has done it better since Deion “Prime Time” Sanders.

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