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No Pruitt, No Problem

Jan 17, 2014 -- 2:09pm

Alex Turko (@aturko_23)

            Right when the Florida State football program was at the pinnacle of the college football world, Jeremy Pruitt delivered a pummeling blow that stunned the FSU community.  The first year defensive coordinator got his ring, packed his bags, and headed for Athens to become the defensive coordinator for the Dawgs.  It was no secret that Pruitt eventually wanted to end up coaching in the SEC, but after one extremely productive year the defensive mastermind darted out of town with two years left on his current contract. 

            The whole situation is quite eerie.   Pruitt and Jimbo Fisher reportedly had a great “working relationship,” and Pruitt had arguably the most talented defensive roster in the nation at his disposal, so why did he leave?  It just doesn’t add up. 

                1010XL’s very own Rick Ballou gave a little insight as to why Pruitt departed with such slyness. Without going into too much detail it sounds like an issue dealing with his fiancé and possibly of other women involved with FSU’s athletic department.  Regardless of the truth to those rumors, there is one thing we know for sure and that is: Pruitt is gone.

            There is no more time to worry, or wonder why he left, its time to go out and get a coach to replace him.  Ok, Pruitt was a spectacular coach, especially with the defensive backs (the Seminoles had the #1 pass defense in the country) but make no mistake about it, he was handed the best defense in college football when he initially inked his contract to come to FSU. 

            With Signing Day just weeks away, it is imperative that Jimbo Fisher snags a D-coordinator soon to keep the top recruits interested in the Noles.  The longer it takes to make a hire, the more anxious recruits become about going to play for a coach that they have not developed a relationship with yet.  Fisher has shown his ability to lure top assistants to join his staff in years past, especially last year when he replaced six assistant coaches.  He has constantly hit home runs in the past with his hires and I’m sure he will do the same with this open position.

            With Fisher’s track record of hires, the Seminole faithful should not have a worry in the world as to how this defense will perform next year.  Last off-season when Fisher was looking to hire a defensive coordinator to replace Mark Stoops, he made it clear that he was looking to bring in a young coordinator that likes to blitz and play aggressive.  Look for this hire to again follow that criteria based off the success that the Seminoles defense had this past season with that scheme. 

            Make no doubt about it, Jeremy Pruitt was an outstanding coach, but with the defensive talent that remains on the roster, Jimbo Fisher himself could call the plays and the defense would still be successful.  Whichever direction Fisher goes on this hire, rest assured that the Noles defense will be at the top of the charts in 2014.  

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