How the Gators Came to be 4-0

Sep 26, 2012 -- 10:25am

By: T. Miller (@jortstorture)


The Florida Gators are 4-0, which is exactly where they were onetwo and threeyears ago. Just what are we supposed to make of this?

Is this a 4-0 like last year when we spend the rest of the year getting beat by everybody who matters like in 2011? MAYBE! Remember this is the season of fun. We don’t really know what to expect, and we don’t play Alabama, so all we can do is be optimistic. We have won two SEC road games, which is more than we had done at this point last year. We do have what appears to be a competent and, more importantly,confident quarterback, which is definitely more than we had around this time and 1.5 quarters of the Alabama game. Our defense is awesome in the second half, as opposed to absolutely horrible. Things are looking up already!

But we thought we’d be pretty good in 2010, too. Like Deonte Thompson told us, we had a “real quarterback” to get excited about. We were supposedly the cream of the SEC: It’s just Florida, Alabama, and everybody else and all that. But wouldn’t you know it, it turns out we had a coach who was kind of retired all along and we wound up losing five of our last eight games. So this year doesn’t feel very similar to that at all.

Does this start feel at all similar to 2009? Not really, no. Coming off a national championship, the expectation was to win every game and play for a national championship. That year was the most crushingly disappointing 12-0 in the history of football. This year is already more exciting that that was.

Come to think of it, this 4-0 start feels strikingly similar to 2008. You know, when the Gators started off 3-1 before running the table and winning a national championship in Miami. Do I REALLY think Florida can win a national championship with this team? Not really, but I also don’t see any glaring reasons why not.

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