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Peyton's Critics Put on Hold

Jan 13, 2014 -- 10:22am

Thanks goodness the Broncos won yesterday. I couldn’t handle a week of Peyton Manning bashing. You know what I’m talking about. Yeah, Peyton is a great quarterback, but . . .

He has great statistics, but he doesn’t win championships.

He can get you to the party, but he can’t dance a lick . . .

He has won a Super Bowl, but even brother Eli has won two Super Bowl rings.

Yada, yada, yada.

Manning’s playoff record is 10-11. He’s won only that one Super Bowl. Those are the points the experts and many fans are always ready to throw at us. Obviously quarterbacks get too much credit and too much blame. Manning is the poster boy for that cliché.

I’m not asking anyone to fill sorry for Peyton. No one debates he’s in the discussion of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. He’s made millions of dollars and has his legion of fans. A testament to his popularity – and his likeability – is the number of companies who have hired him as their pitchman.

Still, when the topic of conversation is Peyton Manning there’s always that “but”. When Manning and the Colts won the Super Bowl after the 2005 season I thought talk about him not being able to win “the Big One” would die. It did briefly, but then brother Eli and the Giants won a Super Bowl . . . and then they won another one. Peyton’s critics were back in style.

If Manning and the Broncos win the title this season maybe that will put an end to the “buts”. But maybe not. Tom Brady still has those three rings.

Just remember this: Peyton has started 21 playoff games. That’s off-the-charts impressive. Yes, Peyton has made some key mistakes in playoff losses, but far more often than not he has played well even in defeat.

Peyton Manning is great quarterback, period, regardless of what happens the remainder of his career. No buts about it.

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