Stop Whining and Enjoy the Bowls

Jan 06, 2014 -- 11:56am

The college football bowl season comes to an end tonight with the BCS Championship Game, a game that can’t get here quick enough for fans who’ve been waiting a month FSU and Auburn to play for the title.

During that month I heard a lot of people bemoaning how there are too many bowl games – 35 – and how ridiculous it is to have so many. They point out all of the empty seats and the “who cares matchups” like North Texas vs. UNLV.

I don’t understand the complaining.

Coaches love the games because it gives them extra practice time. I’ve never talked to a player who didn’t enjoy the overall experience. For many it’s the first extended trip they’ve ever taken and they’re treated like royalty.

TV networks love the games because they provide inexpensive programming during the holiday season when general TV viewership is down. Sports events are the original reality shows.

Cities obviously like hosting them because it’s good for business, putting bodies in hotels, restaurants and bars. Then, of course, there’s the promotional value, showing off their cities to people from coast to coast.

Finally, if you’re a die-hard college football fan I’d think you’d want as many games as possible. If you don’t like a game, don’t watch. Those who complain the games are meaningless I’d like to point out how most games are pretty much meaningless. When’s the last time, say, a Kentucky football game meant anything? First and foremost, the games are about entertainment, competition and social gatherings.

Why not have 36 bowl games? Or more.

What’s the problem?

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