Shorts Becoming Another Diva WR

Nov 18, 2013 -- 8:47am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

The Jaguars already have one receiver who will not play anymore because of dumb decisions he has made off the field. Now, the team’s leading receiver is fed up with the lack of touches he has received the past two weeks. Does Cecil Shorts have a legitimate reason to be mad?

In the loss to Arizona on Sunday, Shorts finished with just two catches for 22 yards, called his lack of receptions "f-----g dumb,” according to Will Brinson’s story.

"I'm not holding my tongue anymore," Shorts said. "To have one target until seven minutes left in the game, that's [bleeping] dumb. That's dumb, period."

Shorts then went on to say he would have to "sit down" with Gus Bradley and the Jaguars coaching staff because his lack of attention in the game plan is "ridiculous."

"I have to say something and sit down with them because it's getting ridiculous, in my opinion," Shorts said.

Shorts may have a gripe with the coaching staff, but the idea of getting the other receivers and tight ends involved in the Jaguars passing game should be a huge priority for all concerned, including Shorts. As the lead receiver, and yes I understand as the “the man” in the Jaguars offense, he wants the ball targeted to him first and foremost, there needs to be more communication. There also needs to be more maturity on Shorts’ part.

The last thing this team needs is an issue in the locker room. Shorts would appear by all accounts to be a great guy, but frustration with losing can make he most solid players angered. Frankly, I am surprised there have not been other stories written like this where veterans are frustrated with how his team is playing. But airing the feelings of personal play in the public eye can only hurt the team.

When asked if the issues with the offense are only with head coach Gus Bradley and offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch and not quarterback Chad Henne, Shorts did the right thing and took the fifth before answering.

Last week, the Jaguars got a win and Shorts caught only two passes in the game against Tennessee. This week, same number different results. Makes me wonder if this can of worms would have been opened had the Jaguars won Sunday afternoon. For some reason, winning hides these kinds of problems.

Losing for some reason makes something as simple as a misunderstanding seem like it is paramount to anything within the organization.

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