Advice for Gator and Jags Fans

Nov 15, 2013 -- 9:52am

Here’s some advice for Jaguar and Gator fans.

First, Jaguars fans need to stop wishing their team loses games so it can lock up the No. 1 pick in next spring’s NFL draft. NOT having the No. 1 pick could well be a blessing in disguise.

Although a lot can change between now and the draft, there’s clearly no consensus No. 1 pick among a solid field of quarterbacks. Louisville’s Terry Bridgewater may still be at the top, but his stock is dropping. Even if he stays No. 1, few, if any, see him as a slam dunk, can’t-miss prospect.

For a team desperate for a quarterback, picking No. 2 could be the most ideal position. Let someone else have their pick of the QBs and then draft, say, South Carolina defensive end Jadaveon Clowney to improve an awful pass rush. Then, in the second round, roll the dice on a quarterback. Take another in one of the late rounds.

In the second round could Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M still be available? Or Alabama’s A.J. McCarron?

Then there’s Fresno State’s Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota of Oregon and Tajh Boyd of Clemson and Georgia’s Aaron Murray and UCLA’s Brett Hundley and Zack Mettenberger of LSU . . . you get the idea.

Second, Gator fans shouldn’t believe everything they hear and read.

When a school president or athletic director or a team owner or general manager is asked about the job security of a coach, really, what do think they’re going to say?

How many times have you ever heard one of them say, “If the coach doesn’t beat so-and-so he’ll be fired”? The answer is zero. If one ever does, now that will be a news story.

Of course, the University of Florida president and the athletic director are saying they support their coach, Will Muschamp. They may actually mean it – now. Or they may simply be lying. It happens all the time. But what choice do they have? Fire him now or publicly support are really the only options. 

What happens if the Gators are embarrassed Saturday night at South Carolina? What happens if arch-rival FSU puts up a 50 spot in The Swamp? What happens if enough boosters threaten to stop writing checks? All are real possibilities. Hell, what happens if Georgia Southern wins in Gainesville?

Muschamp’s future is very much in doubt regardless of what anyone is saying now, period. 

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