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Leave Muschamp Alone... For Now

Sep 21, 2012 -- 8:40am

By: Ryan "Hacker" Green

You know you did it, you know you were just like all the others, you along with everyone else in Gator Nation wanted him gone, didn't you? Well it's a good thing your not Jeremy Foley.

It's no secret last year's 7-6 record for Florida was a huge disappointment and it's no secret that the Gator Nation was fed up after the sloppy Week One win over an overmatched Bowling Green team. The good thing about the game of football is no matter how bad you look one week, you only have seven days to wait to go make all the wrongs right.

That is exactly what Will Muschamp and his coaching staff have done after winning two straight conference games on the road. Does beating Texas A&M and Tennessee mean the Gators are back to where they were 5 years ago? The answer to that is "no," but for the first time in his tenure at Florida Will Muschamp is starting to look like the right man for this job after all.....For Now.

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