Sunday Not a Blueprint for Success

Nov 11, 2013 -- 10:15am

The euphoria felt by the Jaguars and their fans is understandable and deserved. Winning in the NFL is hard.

When there’s a 348-day, 14-game stretch between victories . . . well, hoop-da-do, hurrah, attaboy and whatever other descriptions of joy you can think of are right on target.

Yeah, all of you deserve a feel good moment.

But when you’re ready to get back to reality understand that Sunday’s victory in Tennessee wasn’t exactly the blueprint for future success.

The Jaguars had 214 yards in total offense. That’s bad.

On Jaguar radio someone said Maurice Jones-Drew looked like his old Pro Bowl self. Huh? He had 41 yards on 22 carries. That’s less than 2 yards a pop! I guess the analyst was caught up in the joy of the moment.

Quarterback Chad Henne was mediocre. Make that mediocre-minus.

The defensive line had absolutely no rush and a backup quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, torched the secondary.

The Titans fumbled away, literally, any chance for victory – and yet took the Jaguars into the final minute before losing 29-27. When the coaching staff reviews the game tape they’re going to be banging their heads against the wall.

The Jaguars won because, for a change, the breaks of the game went their way. Their only long touchdown drive was kept alive by a late hit on the quarterback, for example, on a failed 3rd-down play.

The Jaguars won because, for a change, they were the ones making the game-changing play. Cornerback Will Blackmon made the play of the year when he blitzed and sacked Fitzpatrick, causing a fumble which he grabbed and returned it for a touchdown. Whew! It’s going to be difficult for anyone to have a more dynamic play.

All that really matters for the moment is the Jaguars won and that’s enough said.

Go celebrate.

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