Hooters, Hypocrisy and High School Football

Nov 08, 2013 -- 10:17am

A junior high football coach in Oregon was fired after he took his team to a Hooters restaurant for their post-season party. I have no issue with the firing because the coach was told beforehand he’d be fired if he took his team to Hooters.

My issue is a common one in 21st Century America: Hypocrisy.

Have you seen what some of us still call cheerleaders at NFL and NBA games? Ditto for some college and high school games? Yes, even at junior high and youth games.

Many of today’s cheerleaders dress like  . . . well, like waitresses at Hooters. Or they wear less and tighter outfits than the Hooters’ women.

Many of today’s cheerleaders dance in a more risqué fashion than a striptease dancer. They grind their pelvic areas and shake their boobs. It’s enough to make an old man blush.

I’ll bet the Oregon boys didn’t blush or see anything at Hooters they hadn’t seen before – probably from their own cheerleaders.

Personally, I’d love to seeing cheerleaders go back to wearing bobby socks and do such cheers “Push ‘em back, push ‘em back, way back . . . Go defense!”

But those days are as a dead as the single wing offense.

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