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On Blackmon and the BCS

Nov 06, 2013 -- 1:53pm

First, let’s talk about Mr. Blackmon.

Of course the Jaguars should wash their hands of Blackmon.

In a world where discipline, loyalty, commitment and teamwork are preached nonstop, Blackmon is the ultimate spoiled brat, me-first guy with alcohol and behavioral issues. He’s an incurable cancer.

His ace in the hole is he’s an incredibly talented wide receiver, which is why he has gotten chance after chance after repeatedly excusing missteps as merely episodes of youthfulness and bad judgment. Can’t you see him privately snickering every time his bosses make excuses him?

I understand the dilemma the Jaguars face. Blackmon was the 5th overall pick and already has been given millions of dollars. The Jaguars desperately need talent.

I just know when they say they want to help Blackmon the man beat his demons they’re being as hypocritical as Blackmon is unreliable.

But the bottom line is the Jaguars – Blackmon was drafted by Gene Smith – gambled on a troubled young jerk and lost. Now the Jaguars should close the chapter on this huge mistake.

Second, let’s look at the potential BCS mess.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to the debate about which two teams – Alabama, Florida State, Oregon and, yes, Ohio State and Baylor, too – deserve to play in the BCS Championship Game if all of the teams finish the regular season unbeaten.

The culprit, of course, is the system. Whether you label the system imperfect, stupid or unfair, one thing is clear: It’s a lousy way to determine a national champion.

I can make a strong case for all of the teams involved. I can also point out some flaws – admittedly small flaws --in all of them.

The bottom line is the dominance of the SEC in general and the Crimson Tide in particular will get Alabama one of the slots.

Oregon has a leg up on FSU simply because the Ducks started the season – before one snap had been played, mind you -- ranked ahead of the Seminoles. Ditto for Ohio State and Baylor.

Argue all you want but don’t count on facts to make you a winner.   

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