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Oct 25, 2013 -- 10:14am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

When the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, who happens to be the owner of the English Premier League’s Fulham club, is in London to help promote the NFL game between his Jaguar and the San Francisco 49ers this week, you know a good time is going to be had by all.  Sometimes, it is really good to be Shad Khan. Sometimes, we should all be like Shad Khan.

The Jaguars owner may be the luckiest guy this weekend, being in a foreign land - there to help the buzz with the NFL’s obsession with London and overseas exposure and here is a man who wants to make his franchise a more polarizing figure in the world of sports not just its own league.

As a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars, how can you not like what he is doing? The man truly lives in rock star shoes and marches to the beat of a successful drum, regardless of the team’s record, what injuries the team has sustained, or how the team might be headed to NFL immortality as a perennial loser in the league.

Part of this appeal to the Jaguars and Khan this week is the fact this is the only game in town and this idea that as the only game in town, the reigning NFC Champions and the team with the worst record in the NFL (along with Tampa Bay) the local media is treating this like a Super Bowl. The Jaguars (and Khan) have to be loving this (cue in the McDonald’s commercial).

Add to all of this that the Jaguars are as healthy a team as they have been all season with only one player being held out of practice and this could be a very enticing game should it linger into the fourth quarter.

I don’t think that is going to happen, but we can all live in the land of “Make Believe” for moment or two. In case you were wondering, 31-20 49ers.

Khan continues to show that is all about making an impression on the NFL with this franchise. Not St. Louis or any other team in this league. Khan is the new wave of NFL, not the stodgy Al Davis or the combustible Daniel Snyder or the “steady as she goes” Bob Kraft. Khan is every bit the entertainer, rock star, politician, businessman and entrepreneur that we all know and have come to love. There is no boredom to him.

In this week, where the team announced its 2014 opponent in London to be none other than the Dallas Cowboys, there is reason to believe all of this change and recharging is being done for all the right reasons.

In a week like this, Khan wouldn’t have it any other way. In a week like this, we should not expect anything different.

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