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Colts Game a Benchmark for Season

Sep 20, 2012 -- 7:19am

By: Christopher Austin

So this weekend should really tell us what kind of season we are going to have this year, right?


The Texans are one of the top teams in the AFC and we obviously were not ready for that juggernaut to come through, right?  Vikings are showing so much promise and we played them down to the wire, right?


I mean come on, the first two games were just flukes…….right?


I tend to be a positive guy.  In life and in my sports teams (I am a huge Navy fan and we can’t seem to score more than 10 points so far this year). 


The last couple of years have been tough in regards to the Jags.  We tended to make excuses and use the “we are rebuilding” or have a “lame-duck” coaching staff.  I know I have said, “Gabbert needs the proper coaching and he will be just fine” and “wait until we get him weapons.”


We have a 1st round pick at WR, a free agent WR that proved to be a weapon last year (after injuries) and Mike Thomas finally playing the position he was drafted for.  A Pro Bowl tight end that is a beast….on paper.  Jury is still out on the weapons, although I feel they will begin to gel once there is a glimmer of success.


One positive you can take away from this past weekend is that it can’t get worse.   Can it?  I am confident that Gabbert will throw for more than 53 yards. MJD will be fine and our makeshift o-line needs a starter back.  Defense needs to tackle a LOT better (good thing the new CBA says less padded practices and extra vacation, huh?)


Boys, you have to play better and, most of all, come back with a W.  You can have everyone have a career game, but if you lose to the so-called 2nd coming of Peyton Manning, I think the fans will finally turn.  I think some of these fans will start a fund to pay off the lease with the city so the Jags can go to LA.


Unlike most fans, I know you play your butts off (right, Gabbert) and give 100%.  So keep doing it.  Play for this city that showed up and supported you this weekend.  Play for your paychecks.  I don’t know what else is “left!”  Find your motivation, whatever it is, but don’t get on that plane and come back with out a W.  

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