From Bad to Worse

Oct 21, 2013 -- 10:25am

So much for the Rocky Mountain high and the moral victory that came with it. The Jaguars didn’t use their performance at Denver as a springboard to progress. Just the opposite, the Jaguars took a step back when they took the field Sunday against the visiting Chargers.

All of the old problems were there in the 24-6 loss.

The lack of talent showed with dropped passes, poor pass protection, no pass rush and spotty coverage. Cecil Shorts dropped two passes in the end zone. Jaguar QB Chad Henne was sacked six times and harassed on seven other occasions. Meanwhile, Charger QB Phillip Rivers, who moves slightly quicker than molasses, was hardly touched and completed 22 of 26, mostly to receivers who were wide open.

The lack of poise and stupid play was on display in the 1st quarter when San Diego turned what should have been a 3rd-and-33 into a 1st-and-10 thanks to Sen-Derrick Marks’ inability to keep his mouth shut. The Jaguar defensive tackle was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and the Chargers went on to complete an 80-yard drive and take a 14-0 lead.

But the Jaguars went a step further in falling to 0-7 and putting themselves in serious danger of establishing NFL records for being lousy.

This time the players didn’t even try hard. The lack of effort actually wiped the smile off the face of Coach Positive, who uses the alias Gus Bradley. While he stopped short of totally throwing his players under the proverbial bus and boldly fell on the proverbial sword himself -- “It all starts with me,” he boldly declared – Bradley is smart enough to know he can’t continue to feed a positive spin to the fans about this bunch of misfits. There’s a credibility factor, he pointed out.

Whatever, there’s plenty of blame to go around, but the newest problem is inexcusable and can’t go unpunished. But what are Bradley’s options? Fines? Benching players? Releasing players? Shaking up the coaching staff?

How about looking in the mirror? Is Bradley, a rookie head coach, in over his head? Good question, he admitted, but he maintains he is not doubting himself or his approach.

Bottom line is the Jaguars future looks butt ugly.

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