Why Are Jags Still Considered Worst in NFL?

Oct 15, 2013 -- 10:28am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

The last time I checked, the Jaguars did not have the first pick in the NFL Draft.  The last time I checked, the Jaguars covered the spread against the Broncos. And the last time I checked, there were two other teams who were winless in the NFL.

With all these reasons presented before me, would someone explain to me why the Jaguars - even after Sunday - are still the joke of the NFL?

Is the word of the NFL etched in Chris Berman’s comments? Can Shannon Sharpe for once (as my friend Brad stated over the weekend) stop talking with his mouth full and stop bashing on the visitors? Can the NFL in general get the point that the situation in Tampa Bay might be a little more pressing than it is here in North Florida? And for once, can we just admit that the team in New York built by Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin might just suck afterall?

If the current order means anything to us and Reese and Coughlin remain the power couple in the Big Apple, then here is the rundown on the draft: 1. Giants; 2. Jaguars; 3. Buccaneers; 4. St. Rams (from Washington); 5. Vikings; 6. Falcons; 7. Steelers; 8. Bills; 9. Raiders; 10. Texans.

If there are no trades, then Jadeveon Clowney or Jake Matthews could be the first pick in the draft. Surely, the Giants won’t draft a quarterback. Last time I checked, they had a Manning behind center. The Jaguars then could choose from five potential first round quarterbacks.

Sorry, Jeff Prosser, Johnny Manziel has to be an exact Drew Brees clone to warrant that high a draft choice.

The first pick in the draft has always meant that team was the worst in the league - period. Shouldn’t the fact the Giants are winless be a bigger story since the Jaguars were expected to be a bad team warrant a little leniency? The Giants, in the media capital of the world cannot get out of their own way. The Jaguars are working hard, growing as a team and looking to be headed in the right direction. And in five years, I am sure this team will be better than Coughlin’s Blue Bloods. Still, there is no pulling any punches when it comes to this team.

Justin Blackmon has a huge game on Sunday. Paul Posluszny looks stupid sick on defense and MJD is starting to move. Nope, the Jags still get the abuse. While bullying is such a hot topic, why it is our team seems to be the subject of the abuse?

The NFL prides itself on the belief in equality and teams that can beat each other on any given Sunday. I guess that is lost on the league when it comes to the Jaguars.

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