The Worst No Longer

Oct 14, 2013 -- 8:58am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

I do not believe in moral victories when it comes to football or any other sport, but I have to admit there were some small “wins” in the Jaguars loss to the Broncos on Sunday,


Coming into this week, there are plenty of good things to talk about and maybe a chance at a win on Sunday versus San Diego.  I can honestly say I do not think we are the worst team in football anymore.  I came out of the game feeling the team lost, but it told more about the Broncos than it did the Jaguars. At the same time, there are some thoughts I would like to share from Sunday’s events.

It did not hurt as much as I thought it might

Peyton Manning threw for two scores, but of all his outings this season, this was by far his worst. The Broncos put 35 points on the board but I thought there was a hangover left from the slugfest with the Cowboys. And for a few moments, I thought the Jaguars were on par with this team.

Chad Henne needs to be the starter of this team

While he threw two interceptions and is 1-8 as a starter, there is more of a consistency that is present in his game. He also throws for 300 yards more times than Blaine Gabbert. The receivers appear to respond to him better.

Clay Harbor was a an excellent free agent signing

The big tight end is a useful outlet underneath in the passing game and a brute to bring down. If the Jaguars can get Marcedes Lewis on the field one of these days, the two could be dynamic in max protection and helping in the rushing game.

Paul Posluszny is the heart of this team

Say what you want about MJD and Brad Meester. “Poz” brings his lunch pail every day and every game and gives you more than you expect. He is the signature free agent signing of the Gene Smith Era.

Justin Blackmon is a beast

With the 14 catches and 190 yards Sunday, Blackmon has 19 catches for 326 and a touchdown. Think of what he would have been like in the first four games of the year. I am convinced that with Blackmon in the lineup from the start of the season with Henne behind center, a healthy MJD and Cecil Shorts this is a team that would have two wins.

If there are these things to talk about now, not to mention the line played better, think of what we would talk about if the team finally wins a game?

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