Condi, Jags and Misconceptions

Oct 09, 2013 -- 10:09am

Things I’ve been thinking about . . .

  • Condoleezza Rice is obviously a brilliant woman. She has served her country as the National Security Adviser and as the Secretary of State. She’s currently on the faculty of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Who knows? She may one day be president of the United States.

But should she be on the College Football Playoff selection committee? No! Her impressive credentials in no way qualify her for this just as Peyton Manning’s credentials don’t qualify him as Secretary of State.

I’m not picking on Rice. I think making certain there is a woman on the committee smacks of political correctness run amuck. This isn’t about bashing women and thinking they should “stay in their place.” But football is the one sport girls/women haven’t been physically able to play much less master and truly appreciate. I don’t doubt that day will come but that day isn’t now.

Let me add I think the whole committee idea is a bad one. I don’t think current athletic directors should be on the committee, for example.

  • The Jaguars will tell you they don’t care they are 28-points underdogs to the Broncos in this Sunday’s game in Denver.

Some will even say they didn’t know about the betting line because they don’t pay attention to such things. You do know, don’t you, that the NFL frowns on gambling?

Well, of course, the Jaguars know about the betting line – from the owner to the executives to the coaches to the players to everyone right down to the water boys.

And it doesn’t make them happy. They are embarrassed or mad or insulted – probably all three.

And they ought to be. Like it or not, the line is an indictment to just how bad the team is. It’s the biggest point spread in the NFL’s Super Bowl era.

For the record and for entertainment purposes only, I’m taking the Broncos and giving the 28 points.

  • It ticks me off how national media love to hammer Jacksonville about empty seats at Jaguars games, but seldom mention the problems of other franchises. During last Sunday’s game at St. Louis I never heard the game announcers mention all of the empty seats in the stadium. The Rams couldn’t give tickets away. Clubs seats listed at $364 were selling for $63 on Stub Hub. Tickets listed at $180 were going for $40. Compared to St. Louis, Jacksonville doesn’t have problem drawing fans. 

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