Time for Gabbert to Go

Oct 07, 2013 -- 10:06am

Please . . . please stop the madness . . . we’ve seen enough of Blaine Gabbert. Way, way too much in fact.

How often do we have to endure watching Gabbert show he has no quarterback instincts? How often do we have to watch one bad decision after another? How often do we have to watch one inaccurate throw after another?

Gabbert has had more than his share of opportunities as the Jaguars starting quarterback. Sure, he hasn’t had a good supporting cast, but his supporting cast has had much of a quarterback.

And there’s more. Publicly I keep hearing how his teammates like and respect him. Privately I hear just the opposite. I hear about his immaturity and arrogance.

Even if he emerges somewhere else as a good quarterback, Gabbert has worn out his welcome in Jacksonville. If GM David Caldwell and Coach Gus Bradley aren’t careful, Gabbert will take them down with him.

This isn’t about benching Gabbert so Chad Henne can play. This isn’t about giving Ricky Stanzi a chance. It isn’t about a currently unemployed quarterback who was reared in Northeast Florida and played his college ball 75 miles from Jacksonville.

This is strictly about handing Gabbert a pink slip and a severance check and saying goodbye to him. From where I sit his small group of supporters has shrunk to near zero. They’ve run out of excuses for him. How could they not?

As bad as Gabbert’s numbers are – beginning with the Jaguars’ 5-22 record when he’s the starting quarterback – what’s worse is the fact he has become the symbol of the Jaguars’ incompetence. He is the face of a horrible NFL team.

Gabbert is turning the ire of Jaguar fans into apathy, and there’s absolutely worse for an NFL franchise.

Blaine Gabbert has to go now.

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