Noles Backfield Suddenly Loaded

Sep 27, 2013 -- 2:05pm

Alex Turko (@aturko_23)

            Like a mad chemist, Jimbo Fisher has fused together a backfield overflowing with elite talent.  A position that looked to be lacking depth has quickly become an elite unit with the addition of former safety and 5-star athlete Karlos Williams.  Williams is not your usual 6 foot 1, 230 pound football player.  He has started a game at linebacker, saw the field at safety, and started on special teams since day 1.  But this big hitter could never find his niche on the defensive side of the ball, and Fisher knew the more this guy was on the field, the better off the team would be.

            James Wilder Jr. has proven he is this offense'spowerback, carrying multiple defenders for extra yards every time he touches the football.  He is the best North-South runner the Noles have had since Greg Jones, and prides himself on lowering his shoulder and delivering a blow to oncoming defenders before toppling to the ground.  However, Wilder is not known for his breakaway speed, or elusive moves that lead to huge gains.  His counterpart Devonta Freeman, is your traditional running back that is extremely productive and efficient with the ball in his hands.  Freeman does it all from catching passes, busting long runs, to pass blocking, but he is by no means flashy.

            Enter Karlos Williams.  The first touch of Williams’ career went for a 65 yard gain, igniting the excitement of his potential at his new position.  Williams is unbelievably fast, and when he gets some green in front of him, it looks like he was shot out of a cannon as he gallops away from defenders.  What is so scary about Williams he is not shy of contact and is by no means small.  With his 230 pound frame he drags defenders around like rag dolls.  He has the power of Wilder Jr. and the speed of a stallion. 

            At first I was skeptical to buy into Williams position move because I was still salivating at the thought of him flying across the field separating the football from potential receivers.  It only took two games for me to come around to the thought that he might have been the missing link to this offense.  With two extremely productive and proven running backs in front of him, he is the final piece to this offensive puzzle.  He is the home run hitter out of the backfield that Fisher has been searching for.       

Fisher will now have a hard time distributing carries between these three skilled running backs. Williams has had two games to adjust to his new position, and looks ready to give the Seminoles an extremely productive running game.  The three-headed monster is real, and it’s coming for the Boston College Eagles this weekend.   

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