Free Agents Answers for Jaguars

Sep 25, 2013 -- 10:56am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

After three weeks the Jaguars are still trying to find the right formula for a successful season. Players are brought in and given the once-over and have their tires kicked once and either signed to a short-term contract or given the boot and told, “Thank You.”  This is a roster that continually needs an infusion of talent, speed and more than anything, victories.

And I believe there are a few players who are still looking for work who could make a difference and could be affordable for this franchise. Maybe it is time for David Caldwell and Gus Bradley to throw out the current formula for success and the “profile” of player they are looking for.

In the past, we all gave Gene Smith hell for finding “character” guys who fit a certain profile. Last time I checked, the Patriots won with Randy Moss, Ray Lewis has two Lombardi’s and well, Cam Newton is a hell of alot better than Blaine Gabbert.

I am not saying these players are the “bad boys” of the NFL, but they fit a profile of free agents who I think the Jaguars could use to do something they don’t do much of - win football games.

Josh Samuda - Guard

He was on the Dolphins preseason roster and spent time at center and both guard positions. I thought he would make the team, but was a casualty of numbers. Samuda can play all three interior positions and may be better than both starting guard slots.

Brandon Lloyd - Receiver

I still like the idea of Lloyd, Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon. The threesome would be a haunting issue for opposing secondaries. I am not sure why Lloyd is still unsigned. I figured he would be on the Patriots’ roster by now. His want to play in the NFL again may be the Jaguars gain.

Jake Scott - Guard

He is a nine-year veteran of the NFL. He could help this line. His age may be a concern, but when you cannot open holes for Maurice Jones-Drew, anything you can add to your offensive line is much welcomed.

Pannel Egboh - Defensive End

I am not sold that this player should have been cut by the Jaguars. Egboh was a decent camp player and while Abry Jones was kept on the roster, I am still mystified that Egboh, with his speed and range wasn’t re-signed.

Barrett Ruud

Just a few seasons ago, he was someone who I thought would fit right into a Jack Del Rio system. Does he fit in a Bob Babich system? The linebackers are not hurting as much as other positions on the field, but Rudd could still help with depth.

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