No One Doing their Job

Sep 24, 2013 -- 9:57am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

There is an old theory that the NFL is a league of 8-8 teams. The theory, explained to me once by Colin Cowherd of ESPN Radio, says teams are generally even - some teams ascended to 12-4 while others fell to 4-12.

I wonder what he now thinks of the Jaguars.

After reading post-game comments from head coach Gus Bradley on Sunday night and early Monday, I am not sure what direction this team is headed and for the first time in some time, I am dejected at what I see on the playing field.  Poor execution. Poor line play (both sides). Being dismantled by opposing defenses. And of course, the coach speak that there is improvements to build on.

The fact the fans and media are more concerned with getting the 2014 first overall pick in next season’s draft tells you just how down the media, the national focus and some of the fans are.

Unfortunately, today, I am one of them.

I agree with Frank Frangie, Ryan Green and Chadd Scott - I knew this would be a rebuilding season, I had hope, but I knew they would be bad, just not this bad.

Seeing MJD and Justin Forsett smiling at the end of the game bothered me, made me feel they do not care as long as they collect a paycheck. I hate seeing the yo-yo of quarterback play and the fact Cecil Shorts, Paul Posluszny and Jason Babin are the only three players who have been consistent all season so far.

But I think the one thing I saw on Monday made me feel there is a chance for some change. Bradley said everyone is to blame for the losses, everyone is accountable. Everyone must make changes.

"Coaches have to evaluate, players have to evaluate and we really have to find out what we're doing well," Bradley said in his post game press conference."I know for you looking from the outside it might not look like there's much, but I know there's a lot that we can build on."

I am glad the “college try” was put to the side, the realization that losses need to become wins. While Bradley is not in jeopardy of losing his job, the coordinators Jedd Fisch and Bob Babich are accountable for the team units. Whether they retain jobs or not is still to be determined. There is a lot of football to play.

Just so you know Jack Del Rio, Dirk Koetter and Mel Tucker are all thriving in other cities with other teams.

I just don’t get it. Is this an organization cursed? Is this a town that will forever be void of a title? Will we become Arizona or Cincinnati of a decade ago or the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Until we find an identity, until ou coaches make it happen, we cannot expect our players to make it happen.

And although he preaches it all the time, Bradley and his staff are not doing their jobs. If they aren’t, how can you expect the players to do theirs?

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