Feeling the Pain of Jags Fans

Sep 23, 2013 -- 12:23pm

I was ever the optimist this weekend, but of unfortunately, my thoughts of Jaguars win and the team covering the spread were squashed once Zach Miller caught two early touchdowns.  I knew it was over.

While I can think of things the Jaguars could use as motivation to move forward, I, like other radio personalities who have spoken out about their frustrations with this team, want to see wins - not the coach speak of positivity and the building of culture and camaraderie.

The college mentality of this franchise needs to end and the seriousness of professional football needs to take place now.

I was watching the game and putting together my thoughts for a column when I read a statement made by my friend, Ray Whaley, on Facebook. Anyone who knows Ray (I have since junior high) knows he is a man of his word, a solid role model (a military man) and one who cares about his Jaguars. This isn’t a feel good story about my friend, but it is more about someone I know who is angry with the situation the Jaguars are in and as a fan, the weekly abuse he feels in supporting this team.

It reads…

“I have been a Jags fan ever since they started as a professional football team in Jacksonville. They are my hometown team. HOWEVER, I do reserve the right to be critical of my hometown team. In all of their years in existence I have never seen them so disorganized, sloppy and pathetic. The terms "change" and "rebuilding" are becoming old in describing excuses for this football team. The owner is great and the team is trying, but sometimes you wonder what factor is out there that the team hasn’t addressed that is still contributing to the team's horrible performance.”

I am sure Ray feels as many fans do in this town and media types as well. We want change, we plunk down hard earned money and we want a winner. We expect it with our college teams, we expect it with our other sports teams and nothing should change when it comes to our professional football teams.

And by the way, it has been discussed with me before by others.

I worry that the fan support is beginning to wane, no matter how exciting Shad Khan makes this process appear. NFL experiences, big scoreboards, fan club events and money being thrown hand over fist at something many think isn’t working cannot solve this issue.

Bringing Tim Tebow or another quarterback here right now won’t solve it either. This is an organization that thinks more about progress, the state of the team and who fits on the roster is more important than wins and losses. But for fans like Ray, Rita Mankin and myself, we still want to see some fruits of their labor - THIS MEANS WINS.

While Cleveland and Buffalo could be our best chances for W’s, they are not guaranteed. Indianapolis comes to town this coming week, a team that just got a stud running back and thoroughly manhandled the 49ers. it will be another long weekend.

All I can do is sympathize with Ray and the others I talk to and Jaguars fans in general.

I can honestly say after this weekend I do not think we are the worst team in the NFL right now, but one swift kick or gust of wind could change that.

And for fans like Ray, their patience are truly wearing thin, and that is not fair.

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