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Jaguars Franchise Solid, Despite Terrible 2013 Edition

Sep 16, 2013 -- 10:08am

Jags fans, lift your chins off the ground. Instead of adding to your misery by stating all of the obvious, I’ve come to lift your spirits; provide a ray of hope.

The Jaguars franchise isn’t a mess, the team is. The team has solid ownership in Shad Kahn and excellent business and marketing management led by Mark Lamping. Those things may not seem as important as a franchise-caliber quarterback, but they are.

Success in the NFL, like most ventures, starts with ownership and good management. Without them there is no successful future. The Jaguars are fixable – although that’s difficult to imagine after watching the first two games – but it will take another year or two. For the record, Sunday’s 19-9 loss at Oakland was only a slight improvement compared to the opening loss at Everbank Field to Kansas City.

With this roster there’s no fair way to judge GM David Caldwell and Coach Gus Bradley, both NFL rookies in their positions. There is no quick fix. Despite what the coaches and players are saying – what else could they say? – it isn’t a matter of cleaning up penalties or botched assignments. There’s not enough soap in the world to cleanse this mess.

Time is needed to fix the roster and, while we’re waiting, remember this: It’s better to have a bad NFL team in your city than no team.

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