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Jags Will Fall Again in Oakland

Sep 13, 2013 -- 11:31am

NFL talk:

Is it a fad or a trend? I’m talking about the Philadelphia Eagles and Coach Chip Kelly’s hurry-up offense that has NFL neophytes shaking their heads in disgust and many NFL fans flush with excitement. For the time being, I’ll call it the “Panic Attack”. The NFL is slow to change. Many long-time observers are still debating the read-option offense, convinced quarterbacks who run out of anything, but fear will be crippled and Vince Lombardi will spin in his grave. The NFL may not have a choice. The college game is dominated by mobile quarterbacks and some version of the spread offense. The NFL is handcuffed to a degree. It has to take what the college game produces . . .

A year ago this week most of the NFL world was in panic mode, fearing the end of pro football as we know it. The culprit? Replacement game officials. They were rendering the game unwatchable. Remember the Seattle-Green Bay fiasco? Well, how’d you like the “real” officials for Week No. 1? The league has admitted to three blown calls and each impacted the outcome of a game. Strangely, we’ve heard few complaints . . .

Raiders 27, Jaguars 3. At least Jags’ offense is headed in the right direction . . .

Jaguars received permission to take suspended Justin Blackmon on its 10-day West Coast trip. Great move by the Jaguars. They certainly couldn’t leave him unsupervised in Jacksonville for that length of time . . .

It isn’t his fault, of course, but I’m already sick of hearing about Robert Griffin III . . .

More noise that ever is being made about Washington’s NFL team dropping its racist nickname. Makes me proud because I started screaming about this 25 years ago – about the time political correctness reared its head and schools such as Stanford and St. Johns were forced to change their nicknames because they were considered insensitive to Native Americans. So how could a team located in our Nation’s Capitol being exempted?  


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