Dare Mention the "T" Word

Sep 11, 2013 -- 10:35am

On an opening weekend of NFL football when all-time records were set for passing yards and touchdowns, the Jaguars gave their fans 107 and 0. While footballs were flying from coast to coast, quarterbacks were being celebrated and receivers were putting on acrobatic performances, the Jaguars gave an offensive performance for the ages – the dark ages.

The Jaguars would be the laughing stock of the NFL if anyone in the NFL paid attention to Jacksonville.

Yes, it was that bad. Sadly, there aren’t any signs it will improve in the near future.

Now the question has to be: How long will Jacksonville continue to support this mess of a franchise?

Take note that the First Coast has done a solid job of supporting the Jaguars. Yes, there are franchises that do envy the Jaguars. And understand this rant isn’t about the Jaguars leaving for greener pastures.

But the fans deserve better. They deserve hope. They deserve something to get excited about.

Heaven forbid, I almost said Tim Tebow’s name.

For the record, I have never been part of the Tebow fanatics. I think he is, at best, a below-average NFL quarterback. He WILL NOT turn around the team’s dismal fortunes on the field.

Tim Tebow IS NOT the Jaguars future, but for the here and right now he might be the answer to stem the tidal wave of apathy that’s about to overtake the Jaguars. Owner Shad Khan and President Mark Lamping have done a masterful marketing job this offseason, but their efforts are about to be wasted because of a team so inept it offers fans little hope -- even after one game.

It’s difficult to imagine Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne having the wherewithal as quarterbacks to alter this downward spiral. I know this: Tebow can guide the Jaguars to a 2-14 or 3-13 season as well as they can.

Why not put to bed forever the Tebow cloud hanging over the city by giving so many fans something they want, something that will create some excitement. (What if Tebow is the answer? Nah, forget that thought.)

Meanwhile, General Manager David Caldwell and his staff can spend their time deciding which of the current college quarterbacks they’ll select with the first pick in next year’s draft?  

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