College Football Meets “Famous” Jameis Winston

Sep 03, 2013 -- 5:02pm

By Nick O'Bryan (@doorstepjax)

Nole fans may have been a little worried in the first few minutes with the long scoring drive by Pitt, and then the short drive and punt by the FSU offense in their first drive.  From there, beat-downs would commence and records would be set for first time quarterbacks.  Jameis had the best game for a starting freshman since Danny Kanell.  Winston also had the best completion rate for a starting quarterback’s first game in the last 10 years.  25 of 27 passing (which really should have been 26 of 27) is not bad for a 4th year senior, much less a REDSHIRT FRESHMAN kid quarterback who is playing his first game.

I could tell you that we need to see what happens in the next game and try and play it safe, but when you watch that kid on the field you realized something pretty quick.  Jameis Winston is a Gamer who finds pressure amusing and will find a way to win every game he plays in.  The only mistake made was a delay of game because Coach Fisher couldn’t get the play to him in time.  This part of the game was most telling to be.  After a great interception, FSU was left with 65 yards to the end zone, one time out, and 1:46 left on the clock before halftime.  The first thing I said to myself was, “let’s see his two minute drill.”  Well, after the delay of game penalty we were left with just under 1:00 and now had 70 yards to the end zone.  So, what does Winston do?????  Two plays, 70 yards, and the touchdown with the timeout still sitting on the board.

To top it all off, he played with class and handled himself well in the post-game interview.  There are few players in history who are the complete package.  At the meeting with the Jacksonville Seminole Club season kickoff, I asked Gene Deckerhoff who he thought the best player to ever take the field for the Florida State Seminoles was.  The ultimate answer was Charlie Ward.  I have a feeling, in some years from now that question may have a different answer.  

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